The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum was

developed around a framework of both computer science content and computational practices. This combination provides students with a sense of what computer scientists do. 

ECS has been mapped onto a leading learning standards nationwide program.  These mappings are available for Next Generation Science and Engineering Standards, Common Core State Standards, International Society for Technology Education Standards, Computer Science Teachers Association Standards, CA State Standards in Mathematics and English-Language Arts, Illinois Learning Standards in Mathematics and English-Language Arts, California Career Technology Education Standards, and Illinois Career Technology Education Standards and can be found on the SRI International website:

This is the first of several engaging STEM orientated classes we are bringing to the MetroWest area..  Do go to PROGRAMS and read about more to come!


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It's easy to become a computer expert!  Know thy computer, thy interface, and conquer!

8th-10th graders


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IntroductoryCS Program

“Curiosity is the engine of achievement.”
​ ― Ken Robinson

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Unit 1:   Human Computer Interaction


Unit 2:   Problem Solving

Unit 3:   Web Design  

Unit 4:   Introduction to Programming

Unit 5:   Computing and Data Analysis

Unit 6:   Robotics 

"Learning never exhausts the mind!"


                                                                                                        -Leonardo da Vinci!

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Computer Programming

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Exploring Computer Science (ECS) is a program that was developed and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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