My Science Classroom

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  Semester I & II  2014-2015 - Exploring Computer Science                              *This class meets 2-3 times per week.   


  This well thought out program successfully introduces students to the breadth of the computer science field through

  engaging and very trendy topics. 

  We do not focus on particular software tools or programming languages; rather, the more conceptual ideas of computing to

  help students understand why certain tools or languages may be useful to solve particular problems.

  Today, in the year 2014, there are over 11,500 job openings in Boston for data & networking personnel where the average

  salary is over $70,000.  If your school is not preparing your child for their world, please check us out.

What is an Estuary?

--Exploring Computer Science will begin the Fall of 2014.

-A sampling of other courses we will be offering soon.

  • Programs
  • Engaging Curriculum
  • Strategies to Solve Problems
  • Integrations of material
  • Client Service
  • Real World Resources
  • Commitment to the future!


  1. Shared knowledge with the world through e-pals.
  2. Simple steps in building computer confidence and Internet Literacy.
  3. Coding to Learn!

Term ?  2015    -    MIT's Scratch, BootstrapWorld, JavaScript, and Unity       


Knowing how to code is just as important as knowing how to read today!  This class is recommended for the mature 4th grader to the seniors in our society!  BTW: Even college students are learning Scratch as one of their introductory courses to programming!  So hop on board and join our new technologically driven world!

Term ?  2015    -    MS Office, Google Drive, and Open Source      


Here are your first steps in exploring your computer with ease!   Become proficient in letter writing, making cards, building school or work related presentations, understanding when and how to use the spread sheet software with confidence!  (Software: word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software will be used in this course.)


Computer Software

Learn how easy it is to program a Sprite!

National Common Core High-School standards program!

FALL 2014: Exploring Computer Science!


It's only $TBD a class!

Term ? 2015    -    NOAA's Estuary Program       


Once we begin to explore you will never go back to being JUST an environmental caring bystander! Discover why estuaries are important, and learn about maintaining the health of estuaries through National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) latest science programs.

In addition to classwork, we will be doing research, and field work.  We will complete the program with a field trip to Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Waquiot, MA.  Here we will meet with the scientists and NOAA's staff who are dedicated to protecting our regional estuaries and coastal watershed ecosystems.  (Waquoit is near Falmouth.)     


Introductory rate of:   $300/semester!

Coming Soon:  Students are on the Estuary!


It's only $TBD a class!


It's only $TBD a class!

Coming Soon:  Game Development!

Coming Soon:  At Ease with Computer Applications!